I had an idea the other day while sitting at the accountant's office staring at the wall. How about a generic TV dashboard that just displays headlines, videos, and/or company info.

Plenty of options for ways to go about it. I'm trying to take into account that the final product should be super easy to set up. Ideally a dongle/chromecast app, that once it's plugged in just works. I've done some research, but still unclear on where to begin with the technology to get it done. As a web page, it will have all the benefits that come with the web, but not sure how to implement in a way that is easy for the end user. Should the preference be local or cloud based?

Possible Technologies with their Pros and Cons:

  • Standard Web Page
    • Pro: Easiest to develop
    • Con: Needs physical HDMI connection to TV or Run in Chrome with Casting Capabilities
  • Progressive Web App
    • Pro: Closer to native, includes offline functionality
    • Con: Native cast functionality missing
  • React Native App
    • Pro: Mobile / Tablet app which can be configured on app
    • Con: Requires external device for prefs

This will continue to be a consideration and I will do more research before doing any coding.

For the initial MVP these are the features it should have:

  • Rotating Headlines
  • Time of day
  • Current Weather plus three/five day forecast
  • Video player connected to a playlist
  • Company Information

For a wireframe dashboard

That's all for now, we'll fill it out more in part two.

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