So, I get a call from a recruiter the other day about a remote Shopify gig and I was all about it. They were looking for someone with front end dev skills along with some Shopify. Now, I have not worked with Shopify for a long time but I have worked with other ecommerce platforms and have themed plenty of CMSs. I asked the recruiter if I could get a couple of days to put something together so that they would get an idea of my skills and style and they were open to it.

The first day was all about reaquainting myself with the platform. I really like what they have done and where they are going with their platform. Initially I set up my environment using their new Slate template which works similar to modern dev workflows with local dev, npm dependencies, and instant deployment to the platform. Unfortunately, it took a lot of time out of my limited window and by the time I had it set up and a few modules on my screen, I realized there was much too much work to keep going that route for this project. In the future, I would definitely go that route, but I decided to build upon a minimal theme with some base styling. I had a couple of ideas on what type of shop I would build, but ultimately I decided to go with a high end furniture/lifestyle shop.

It was fun to build and work through. I was proud of what I produced, but unfortunately the recruiter told me the job was no longer available due to the client's finances. Oh well, at least I enjoyed working with Shopify and will try to create some themes, either free or monetized, depending on how much work I put into it.

So without further ado, I present Objets Nomades:

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