Hey there, I did not forget about you! The Dashboard is coming along nicely and much of the functionality has been implemented. I will eventually wrap it up with either a tutorial or video or maybe even a video tutorial when it's done ;)

I initially started coding it in Next.js but that got complicated as I did not know much about the framework or server side rendering and was learning while I was figuring out the app. I ended up using create-react-app, which is an npm package that installs React along with a tidy little dev environment which makes developing a joy.

I got stuck on the weather API for the longest, trying out a few different ones, before choosing Yahoo's api. I wont get into all the pain I had with the others, but compared to what I was dealing with, Yahoo's is pretty good (which is rare, sorry I had to).

I enjoyed tweaking on the JSON objects, for those that dont know, that is the blob of data you recieve which contains your requested info. I've optimized my requests to get most of the data on load and depending on the component, update as needed in order to minimize requests.

Still have to add a couple of features before it is ready for launch, but I have really enjoyed getting it this far. I will write one more article when I am ready to launch and share more details.

Click here to see the live beta. Note: For best results, view on a widescreen display.

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